National Lazy Day

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National Lazy Day in USA in 2023
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About National Lazy Day

How long until National Lazy Day?
National Lazy Day .
Dates of National Lazy Day
2024 USA Saturday, August 10thNational Lazy Day
2023 USA Thursday, August 10thNational Lazy Day
2022 USA Wednesday, August 10thNational Lazy Day
2021 USA Tuesday, August 10thNational Lazy Day
2020 USA Monday, August 10thNational Lazy Day
We were going to do a big feature on National Lazy Day, but y'know... maybe next year.

Do you like relaxing but you feel guilty of being a slacker or layabout? Celebrate it without stress during National Lazy Day.

In our non-stop modern world, ironically it now takes some effort to have a lazy day. It can sometimes be hard to find a day to do absolutely nothing. Surrounded by sources of information, entertainment and distraction, we’re always on the go making it difficult to deliberately set aside a day to do nothing, simply relax and unwind. This is the purpose of National Lazy Day.

  • Did you know? There’s a village in Montenegro that holds both the World Championships of Laziness (lying on a mattress for the longest time), and a slow bicycle race where the winner is the last to finish.

The day is intended to make us think about the value of taking time to relax, and enjoy the moment and revel in good entertainment.


The World Day of Laziness began as the closing day of the Festival of Industry, Trade and Culture held in the city of Itagüi, Colombia.

Word of the day: ÜŞENMEK (Turkish) - to be too lazy to do something.

It's healthy to be Lazy!

Individuals who chose to commemorate the odd holiday are encouraged to take a break from their daily chores and spend the day relaxing.

While a lazy approach to daily life is often counterproductive to success, occasionally taking time off to relax is a key aspect of self-care.

According to the Mayo Clinic, taking time to relax can:

  • lower blood pressure
  • improve digestion
  • control blood sugar levels
  • improve focus and mood
  • reduce stress hormone levels
  • reduce muscle tension and chronic pain

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