National Culinarian’s Day🍳

National Culinarian’s Day in USA in 2023
Image by Lynn Greyling , from Pixabay. CC0

About National Culinarian’s Day

How long until National Culinarian’s Day?
National Culinarian’s Day .
Dates of National Culinarian’s Day
2024 USA Thursday, July 25thNational Culinarian’s Day
2023 USA Tuesday, July 25thNational Culinarian’s Day
2022 USA Monday, July 25thNational Culinarian’s Day
2021 USA Sunday, July 25thNational Culinarian’s Day
2020 USA Saturday, July 25thNational Culinarian’s Day
How our food is presented is an important part of how much we enjoy it, so let's use today to appreciate the unseen staff who cook and plate up for us in restaurants.

July 25 is Culinarians Day, a day to celebrate our chefs, cooks, and other food preparers.

A Culinarian is a person with high interest and great appreciation for the culinary arts, who also has a deep appreciation for the person and labour behind the meal being served.

🔎 Did you know? There were nearly 250,000 full service restaurants in the United States employing more than 5.4 million people in 2020.

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, What Chefs and Head Cooks Do:

“Executive chefs, head cooks, and chefs de cuisine are responsible primarily for overseeing the operation of a kitchen. They coordinate the work of sous chefs and other cooks, who prepare most of the meals. Executive chefs also have many duties beyond the kitchen. They design the menu, review food and beverage purchases, and often train cooks and other food preparation workers. Some executive chefs primarily handle administrative tasks and may spend less time in the kitchen.

“Sous chefs are a kitchen’s second-in-command. They supervise the restaurant’s cooks, prepare meals, and report results to the head chefs. In the absence of the head chef, sous chefs run the kitchen.”

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