National Anisette Day

National Anisette Day in USA in 2021

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How long until National Anisette Day?
National Anisette Day .
Dates of National Anisette Day
2022 USA Saturday, July 2ndNational Anisette Day
2021 USA Friday, July 2ndNational Anisette Day
2020 USA Thursday, July 2ndNational Anisette Day
2019 USA Tuesday, July 2ndNational Anisette Day
Anisette is a french alcoholic liqueur flavoured with anise.

Anisette, or Anis, is an anise-flavored liqueur that is consumed in most Mediterranean countries, mainly in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel, and France. It is colorless, and because it contains sugar, is sweeter than dry anise flavoured spirits

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