National Crown Day

National Crown Day in USA in 2021
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About National Crown Day

How long until National Crown Day?
This holiday next takes place in 251 days.
Dates of National Crown Day
2022 USA Sunday, July 3rdNational Crown Day
2021 USA Saturday, July 3rdNational Crown Day
2020 USA Friday, July 3rdNational Crown Day
National CROWN Day is a day of solidarity for the human rights of Black women, men, and children to wear their natural hair boldly, and proudly, without the fear of being discriminated against in school or the workplace.

Created by The Crown Coalition, National Crown Day is campaigning to end hair discrimination in the workplace and at schools, which the Black community face far too often when wearing their natural hair.

The CROWN Act, which stands for “Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair,” is a law that prohibits race-based hair discrimination, which is the denial of employment and educational opportunities because of hair texture or protective hairstyles including braids, locks, twists or bantu knots.

It was passed into law on July 3rd 2019.

On the 1 year anniversary, it has been passed in seven states including California, New York, New Jersey, and Washington. Two cities — Cincinnati, Ohio, and Montgomery Country, Maryland — have also passed it. Nine states are currently considering the Crown Act, including Georgia, Kansas, Connecticut, and Louisiana. In other states, the act has been introduced into legislation but hasn't passed.

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