International Day of Charity 

International Day of Charity   in United Nations in 2021
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About International Day of Charity 

How long until International Day of Charity  ?
This holiday next takes place in 315 days.
Dates of International Day of Charity 
2022 United Nations Monday, September 5thInternational Day of Charity 
2021 United Nations Sunday, September 5thInternational Day of Charity 
2020 United Nations Saturday, September 5thInternational Day of Charity 
2019 United Nations Thursday, September 5thInternational Day of Charity 
This international day is observed on the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa, one of the most famous charity workers in history.

International Day of Charity takes place on September 5th. The holiday was originally a Hungarian civil society initiative. It began as an initiative of the Hungarian Parliament and Government in 2011 and was instituted on September 5th to commemorate the anniversary of Mother Teresas death.

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In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly resolved to incorporate the Hungarian holiday and make it international. It was co-sponsored by 44 U.N. member states, including Lebanon, the Dominican Republic, and the Republic of Korea. On the International Day of Charity, the emphasis is on enhancing visibility, organizing special events, and increasing solidarity, social responsibility, and public support.

Some of the activities for International Day of Charity include researching philanthropic organizations, finding a place to volunteer, and donating to a cause.

Mother Teresa was made a saint on the 19th anniversary of her death in 2016. This day is observed as a public holiday in Albania.

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