Veterans’ Flag Day

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Veterans’ Flag Day in Denmark in 2024

About Veterans’ Flag Day

How long until Veterans’ Flag Day?
Veterans’ Flag Day .
Dates of Veterans’ Flag Day
2025 Denmark Friday, September 5thVeterans’ Flag Day
2024 Denmark Thursday, September 5thVeterans’ Flag Day
2023 Denmark Tuesday, September 5thVeterans’ Flag Day
2022 Denmark Monday, September 5thVeterans’ Flag Day
2021 Denmark Sunday, September 5thVeterans’ Flag Day
Find out the dates, history and traditions of Veterans’ Flag Day

Veterans’ Flag Day was introduced in 2009 as a way of acknowledging the contribution of Danish troops in international military operations since 1948.

Dannebrog, as the Danish flag is known, is flown on September 5th to honour the country’s soldiers and others who are stationed abroad, or have been in the past.

The Royal family get involved in the day, with the Crown Prince and Princess taking part in many of the Flag Day events since it began. 

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