The Glorious Twelfth

The Glorious Twelfth in United Kingdom in 2021
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About The Glorious Twelfth

How long until The Glorious Twelfth?
This holiday next takes place in 288 days.
Dates of The Glorious Twelfth
2022 United Kingdom Friday, August 12thThe Glorious Twelfth
2021 United Kingdom Thursday, August 12thThe Glorious Twelfth
2020 United Kingdom Wednesday, August 12thThe Glorious Twelfth
2019 United Kingdom Monday, August 12thThe Glorious Twelfth
August 12th marks the start of the shooting season for game in the UK.

The Glorious Twelfth is the twelfth day of August. This is the start of the shooting season for red grouse in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This is one of the busiest days in the shooting season, with large amounts of game being shot.

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