National Spouses Day

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National Spouses Day in United Kingdom in 2025
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National Spouses Day .
Dates of National Spouses Day
2025 United Kingdom Sunday, January 26thNational Spouses Day
2024 United Kingdom Friday, January 26thNational Spouses Day
2023 United Kingdom Thursday, January 26thNational Spouses Day
2022 United Kingdom Wednesday, January 26thNational Spouses Day
2021 United Kingdom Tuesday, January 26thNational Spouses Day
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The origin of National Spouses Day is unknown, but it may have originated from the establishment of Military Spouses Day, which was created in 1984.

The day is a national holiday in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Other countries celebrate it as well.

This is a day for giving time rather than gifts, and celebrating your spouse. Couples are encouraged to spend alone time and to reflect on their journey so far.

According to scientific studies, twenty minutes spent hugging or holding hands with your lover might produce hormones that make you both happier and more content. As a result, tension is reduced and you feel closer to one another.

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