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Bookshop Day in United Kingdom in 2023
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About Bookshop Day

How long until Bookshop Day?
Bookshop Day .
Dates of Bookshop Day
2024 United Kingdom Saturday, October 5thBookshop Day
2023 United Kingdom Saturday, October 7thBookshop Day
2022 United Kingdom Saturday, October 8thBookshop Day
2021 United Kingdom Saturday, October 2ndBookshop Day
2020 United Kingdom Saturday, October 3rdBookshop Day
A day to support independent bookshops on the first Saturday in October.
Bookshop Day in other countries
Bookshop Day internationally

Bookshop Day has taken place on a Saturday in October since 2016. October is an important time for the launch of new books in the run-up to the Christmas period.

The campaign aims to highlight the cultural importance of books and bookshops, and celebrate the people that bring the two together, our wonderful booksellers! Booksellers are what make our book-buying experiences so special – they are book experts, curators, community champions, bibliotherapists and matchmakers.

Bookshops are encouraged to host special parties, events and book-signings to mark Bookshop Day and the start of the crucial autumn selling season.

Every year, more than a thousand bookshops around the country take part in Bookshop Day by holding special events, creating bespoke window displays and more. The event is part of the “Books Are My Bag" campaign which is organised by the Booksellers Association.

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