Falklands Day

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Falklands Day in United Kingdom in 2022
Image: Stone run on Mount Kent in the Falkland Islands. from Flickr.

About Falklands Day

How long until Falklands Day?
Falklands Day .
Dates of Falklands Day
2023 United Kingdom Monday, August 14thFalklands Day
2022 United Kingdom Sunday, August 14thFalklands Day
2021 United Kingdom Saturday, August 14thFalklands Day
2020 United Kingdom Friday, August 14thFalklands Day
2019 United Kingdom Wednesday, August 14thFalklands Day
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Falklands Day is the celebration of the first sighting of the Falkland Islands by John Davis in 1592, and is celebrated on August 14th.

It was once the national day of the Falklands, but that honour has gone to Liberation Day, which commemorates the end of the Falklands War. Falkland Day ceased be to a public holiday in 2002 when the Executive Council moved the holiday to provide for the re-introduction of Peat Cutting Monday, on the first Monday in October.

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