Neighbourhood Holiday

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Neighbourhood Holiday in Turkmenistan in 2021

About Neighbourhood Holiday

How long until Neighbourhood Holiday?
Neighbourhood Holiday .
Dates of Neighbourhood Holiday
2023 Turkmenistan Sunday, December 3rdNeighbourhood Holiday
2022 Turkmenistan Sunday, December 4thNeighbourhood Holiday
2021 Turkmenistan Sunday, December 5thNeighbourhood Holiday
2020 Turkmenistan Sunday, December 6thNeighbourhood Holiday
2019 Turkmenistan Sunday, December 8thNeighbourhood Holiday
This national holiday in Turkmenistan shows the importance of having a good neighbourhood in the culture of the country.

Neighbourhood Holiday reflects the idea of national unity in Turkmenistan. The holiday is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday of December.

Since ancient times, the mentality of Turkmen people rests on the principles of good neighbourhood, mutual help and support, strive to live in peace and harmony with other nations.

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