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Tartan Day around the world in 2024

About Tartan Day

How long until Tartan Day?
Tartan Day .
Dates of Tartan Day
2025 Various Jul 1
AustraliaTue, Jul 1Observances Holiday
InternationalTue, Jul 1Observances Holiday
2024 Various Jul 1
AustraliaMon, Jul 1Observances Holiday
InternationalMon, Jul 1Observances Holiday
2023 Various Jul 1
AustraliaSat, Jul 1Observances Holiday
InternationalSat, Jul 1Observances Holiday
2022 Various Jul 1
AustraliaFri, Jul 1Observances Holiday
InternationalFri, Jul 1Observances Holiday
2021 Various Jul 1
AustraliaThu, Jul 1Observances Holiday
InternationalThu, Jul 1Observances Holiday
A day to celebrate Scottish heritage through arguably its most obvious manifestation - Tartan.
Where is Tartan Day observed in 2024?
AustraliaJul 1

International Tartan Day is held on July 1st.

The day marks the anniversary of the repeal of the 1747 Act of Proscription that banned the wearing of tartan.

 International Tartan Day

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