Prekmurje Reunification Day

Prekmurje Reunification Day in Slovenia in 2021
Image: Goričko Sotinski breg. CC0

About Prekmurje Reunification Day

How long until Prekmurje Reunification Day?
Prekmurje Reunification Day .
Dates of Prekmurje Reunification Day
2023 Slovenia Thursday, August 17thPrekmurje Reunification Day
2022 Slovenia Wednesday, August 17thPrekmurje Reunification Day
2021 Slovenia Tuesday, August 17thPrekmurje Reunification Day
2020 Slovenia Monday, August 17thPrekmurje Reunification Day
2019 Slovenia Saturday, August 17thPrekmurje Reunification Day
Marks the return of the region of Prekmurje to Slovenia control in 1919 .

Prekmurje Reunification Day is a national day in Slovenia celebrating the day in 1919 when the country's northeastern-most region of Prekmurje was united with the rest of the nation after the first world war following more than a millennium under foreign rule.

The main ceremony is held at the monument in Murska Sobota that was unveiled on the 100th anniversary of the reunification in 2019. Prekmurje was united with the rest of the nation in 1919, after WWI and the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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