Reindeer Herders' Day

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Reindeer Herders' Day in Russia in 2023
Image: Tarko-Sale, Russia: races on "Day of reindeer herders". by Vladi_mir , from Deposit Photos. Royalty Free

About Reindeer Herders' Day

How long until Reindeer Herders' Day?
Reindeer Herders' Day .
Dates of Reindeer Herders' Day
2024 Russia Tuesday, March 26thReindeer Herders' Day
2023 Russia Sunday, March 26thReindeer Herders' Day
2022 Russia Saturday, March 26thReindeer Herders' Day
2021 Russia Wednesday, March 24thReindeer Herders' Day
2020 Russia Tuesday, March 24thReindeer Herders' Day
Find out the dates, history and traditions of Reindeer Herders' Day.

Day of Reindeer herders is a holiday celebrated annually in Russia's Yamal-Nenets region in the Arctic.

For the indigenous nomadic Nenets people, Reindeer Herders' Day offers a chance to show their prowess in wrestling, high jumps and other traditional local sports, but, above all, in reindeer races. Some participants traveled hundreds of kilometers (miles) across the frozen tundra to attend the competition in the northern Siberian region, which has more than half of its territory above the Arctic Circle.

Nadym, where the races were held, is a city 2,500 kilometers (1,550 miles) northeast of Moscow.

This holiday has been celebrated since 1995. Ironically, the most coveted prize is a snowmobile — the best means of transportation in the frigid region.

There are about 40,000 Nenets living in the Arctic region and many work in traditional reindeer herding.

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