Builders' Day

Builders' Day in Russia in 2024
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Builders' Day .
Dates of Builders' Day
2025 Russia Sunday, August 10thBuilders' Day
2024 Russia Sunday, August 11thBuilders' Day
2023 Russia Sunday, August 13thBuilders' Day
2022 Russia Sunday, August 14thBuilders' Day
2021 Russia Sunday, August 8thBuilders' Day
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The Day of the Builder first became a holiday in the Soviet Union on August 12th 1956. According to the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, it was required to be observed on the second Sunday of August.

This day is the traditional "dedication to builders" and has its own set of traditions. New builders should try "a peck of salt", which is bread and salt. They should hold their hands over a fire, in order to understand how hot the work is that awaits him. They should put on a safety helmet and pronounce the words of the oath. Though different regions may have their own traditions and symbols.

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