Crate Day in New Zealand in 2020
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About Crate Day

How long until Crate Day?
This holiday next takes place in 41 days.
Dates of Crate Day
2022 New Zealand Saturday, December 3rdCrate Day
2021 New Zealand Saturday, December 4thCrate Day
2020 New Zealand Saturday, December 5thCrate Day
2019 New Zealand Saturday, December 7thCrate Day
New Zealand has a semi national holiday called crate day where you have to drink a crate of beer on the first Saturday of December.

To celebrate the arrival of Summer, a unique New Zealand custom is to share a crate of beer on the first Saturday in December

The festivities come complete with 10 commandments, with revellers adhering to rules including 'thou shall begin at midday' and 'thou shall wear the attire of National Crate Day - singlets, stubbies and jandals'.

Many celebrate at home, but others venture to local parks or the beach for games of backyard cricket, table tennis or drinking competitions.

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