National Tequila Day

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National Tequila Day in Mexico in 2025
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About National Tequila Day

How long until National Tequila Day?
National Tequila Day .
Dates of National Tequila Day
2025 Mexico Saturday, March 15thNational Tequila Day
2024 Mexico Tuesday, March 19thNational Tequila Day
2023 Mexico Sunday, March 19thNational Tequila Day
2022 Mexico Saturday, March 19thNational Tequila Day
2021 Mexico Saturday, March 20thNational Tequila Day
This popular spirit is distilled from the blue agave plant and made only in Mexico.

Tequila dates back to the mesoamerican times around 1000 BC, when indigenous Mexican tribes would often harvest and ferment agave. It was not until 16th Century that the tequila we know today was first produced in a region that was not officially known as Tequila until 1666.

The Mexican Senate ruled in 2018 that they would include a National Tequila Day on the third Saturday of March.



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