National Hat Day

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National Hat Day in Kyrgyzstan in 2025
Image: Old Bearded Man With Kalpak Hat, Kochkor, Kyrgyzstan. by Ceyhun Kavakci , from Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0

About National Hat Day

How long until National Hat Day?
National Hat Day .
Dates of National Hat Day
2025 Kyrgyzstan Wednesday, March 5thNational Hat Day
2024 Kyrgyzstan Tuesday, March 5thNational Hat Day
2023 Kyrgyzstan Sunday, March 5thNational Hat Day
2022 Kyrgyzstan Saturday, March 5thNational Hat Day
2021 Kyrgyzstan Friday, March 5thNational Hat Day
Honors the popular national symbol of Kyrgyzstan, the four-paneled hat, or kalpak.

Speaking on March 5th 2024, President Sadyr Japarov congratulated the people of Kyrgyzstan on Ak Kalpak (national men's headwear) and national clothing day.

"Preservation and further development of a nation is directly related to the language, values, history and culture of people. Undoubtedly, our national clothing, starting with the Ak Kalpak, symbolizing mountains covered with white snow and glaciers, is the oldest, proudest, most important and most comfortable element of Kyrgyz culture. And today, in the era of globalization, it is impossible to imagine every Kyrgyz without Ak Kalpak," the president's press service cited President Japarov as saying.

"Realizing that Ak Kalpak is a national symbol, pride of people, citizens took the initiative to establish the Ak Kalpak Day, which was supported by people and turned into a national holiday. And now the national headdress, symbolizing the peaks of the Ala-Too mountains, covered with white snow, is the most important element of the tangible heritage," the President stated.

"Originally invented as universal protection from rain, wind and hot sun, Ak Kalpak is a truly amazing find, a historical legacy left by ancestors to future generations. Just as every word of the ancient Kyrgyz people with a long history was always appropriate and had a deep meaning, so our national clothing, starting with the Ak Kalpak, includes not only the artistic, aesthetic and practical aspects, but also the entire philosophy of life. Our wise ancestors passed on these values from generation to generation and attached special importance to Ak Kalpak," the President said.

"The future will evaluate us by our attitude towards our national values, traditions, history, and therefore we, as the current generation, are obliged to continue the great tradition of our ancestors," the President said.

The Kalpak has been awarded the status of Unesco intangible heritage item.

The bell-shaped hat, which is normally adorned with black and white motifs has an upturned black rim. The white hats symbolise the snow-capped mountains of the central Asian country.

The folk dress is very striking, but the Kyrgyzstanis take the hat very seriously.

In 2017 a scandal involving one of the hats being placed on a dog prompted international outrage.

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