The Day of Dombyra

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The Day of Dombyra in Kazakhstan in 2023
Image: Dombrya featured on Kazakh coins.

About The Day of Dombyra

How long until The Day of Dombyra?
The Day of Dombyra .
Dates of The Day of Dombyra
2024 Kazakhstan Sunday, July 7thThe Day of Dombyra
2023 Kazakhstan Sunday, July 2ndThe Day of Dombyra
2022 Kazakhstan Sunday, July 3rdThe Day of Dombyra
2021 Kazakhstan Sunday, July 4thThe Day of Dombyra
2020 Kazakhstan Sunday, July 5thThe Day of Dombyra
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In Kazakhstan the day of dombyra is marked on the first Sunday of July. The traditional musical instrument has a special place in the lives of the Kazakh people, in the Kazakh history, culture and arts. Its strings can reproduce the sounds of the Steppe, of running horses and mountain streams. Over 60 types of dombyra are presented in the Atyrau local history museum.

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