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Sigd in Israel in 2023
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About Sigd

How long until Sigd?
Sigd .
Dates of Sigd
2024 Israel Saturday, November 30thSigd
2023 Israel Monday, November 13thSigd
2022 Israel Wednesday, November 23rdSigd
2021 Israel Thursday, November 4thSigd
2020 Israel Monday, November 16thSigd
A holiday observed by Ethiopian Jews to commemorate their return from exile to Israel.

Sigd became an official part of the Israeli calendar in 2008. The holiday is celebrated on the 29th day of the Hebrew month of Heshvan, or Tuesday evening, precisely 50 days after the Jewish Day of Atonement, or Yom Kippur. 

Sigd, the holiday that Ethiopian Jews brought to Israel that marks a renewal of the covenant with God and has become a force that unites these immigrants with other Israelis

Sigd’s rituals are based on Chapter 9 of the Book of Nehemiah, when the biblical scribe and priest Ezra presided over the Torah’s reintroduction to Jerusalem after returning from exile in Babylon and the renewal of Jews’ covenant with God.

The name of the holiday Sigd is derived from the Hebrew word for prostration, "sigda".

Some of the fascinating traditions of Sigd that Jews followed when they were still in Ethiopia and before their aliyah to Israel, are that they would climb up to a high mountain and face Jerusalem to intensely pray and become closer to God. This was not a joyous or happy day, but a day of fasting and prayers to return "Home to Israel."

After their prayers were answered, and they made their lives in Israel, Sigd is considered a much more joyous holiday.

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