National Heritage Week

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National Heritage Week in Ireland in 2024
Image: Dunguaire Castle, County Galway.

About National Heritage Week

How long until National Heritage Week?
National Heritage Week .
Dates of National Heritage Week
2025 Ireland Saturday, August 16thNational Heritage Week
2024 Ireland Saturday, August 17thNational Heritage Week
2023 Ireland Saturday, August 12thNational Heritage Week
2022 Ireland Saturday, August 20thNational Heritage Week
2021 Ireland Saturday, August 14thNational Heritage Week
Find out the dates, history and traditions of National Heritage Week in Ireland.

Each year, Heriage Week kicks off on the third weekend of August and runs until the end of the following weekend. Many national and hundreds of local community organisations participate by organising events throughout the country.

National Heritage Week is part of European Heritage Days. These are a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Union in which over forty countries participate each year. The main aim of European Heritage Days are to promote awareness of our built, natural and cultural heritage and to promote Europe’s common cultural heritage. Every year millions of Europeans visit historical monuments and sites throughout Europe on European Heritage Days.

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