Mother's Day

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Mother's Day in Indonesia in 2024
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About Mother's Day

How long until Mother's Day?
Mother's Day .
Dates of Mother's Day
2025 Indonesia Monday, December 22ndMother's Day
2024 Indonesia Sunday, December 22ndMother's Day
2023 Indonesia Friday, December 22ndMother's Day
2022 Indonesia Thursday, December 22ndMother's Day
2021 Indonesia Wednesday, December 22ndMother's Day
Find out the dates, history and traditions of Mother's Day in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, Mother’s Day has been designated a national holiday on December 22nd.

Indonesia’s first President Soekarno was responsible for establishing Mother’s Day on December 22. It was officially set in 1953 by Presidential Decree No. 316.

Soekarno chose the date to refer to the opening day of the first Indonesian Women’s Congress, 22-25. December 1928.

Mother`s Day in Indonesia is not just for mothers but also for all women since it was originally intended to celebrate the spirit of Indonesian women.

On this day, it is a customary practice to send gifts, flowers, and greeting cards to mothers and women.

The Asian country has a number of unique traditions surrounding their celebrations, including washing a mother’s feet and participating in a number of competitions, from cooking to “kebaya” wearing. Often, children are the participants while mothers judge, but occasionally both parties will engage in the games.

In Indonesian, “Happy Mother’s Day” translates to “Selamat Hari Ibu.”

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