National Lamington Day

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National Lamington Day in Australia in 2023
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How long until National Lamington Day?
National Lamington Day .
Dates of National Lamington Day
2024 Australia Sunday, July 21stNational Lamington Day
2023 Australia Friday, July 21stNational Lamington Day
2022 Australia Thursday, July 21stNational Lamington Day
2021 Australia Wednesday, July 21stNational Lamington Day
2020 Australia Tuesday, July 21stNational Lamington Day
Find out the dates, history and traditions of National Lamington Day.

A lamington is an Australian cake made from squares of butter cake or sponge cake coated in an outer layer of chocolate sauce and rolled in desiccated coconut. The thin mixture is absorbed into the outside of the sponge cake and left to set, giving the cake a distinctive texture.

Lamingtons are believed to be named after either Lord Lamington, who served as Governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901, or his wife, Lady Lamington. Most sources incline to the former. The earliest known reference to the naming of the lamington, from June 1927, links the cake to Lord Lamington.

The identity of the recipe's inventor has also been debated. Most stories attribute its creation to Lord Lamington's chef, the French-born Armand Galland, who was called upon at short notice to feed unexpected guests. Using only the limited ingredients available, Galland cut up some left-over French vanilla sponge cake baked the day before, dipped the slices in chocolate and set them in coconut. Impressed by Galland's creation, Lamington's guests were said to have later asked for the recipe.

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