World Alzheimer’s Day

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World Alzheimer’s Day around the world in 2022
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About World Alzheimer’s Day

How long until World Alzheimer’s Day?
World Alzheimer’s Day .
Dates of World Alzheimer’s Day
2023 USASep 21
USA Thu, Sep 21Observances Holiday
2022 USASep 21
USA Wed, Sep 21Observances Holiday
2021 USASep 21
USA Tue, Sep 21Observances Holiday
2020 USASep 21
USA Mon, Sep 21Observances Holiday
2019 USASep 21
USA Sat, Sep 21Observances Holiday
2 out of every 3 people globally believe there is little or no understanding of dementia in their countries.

World Alzheimer's Day was launched at the opening of ADI's annual conference in Edinburgh on 21 September 1994 to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

World Alzheimer's Day is an initiative of ADI. Each year, ADI seeks financial support to produce and distribute World Alzheimer's Day materials around the world, enabling members to organise events in their different countries.

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