World Lambrusco Day

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World Lambrusco Day around the world in 2023
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About World Lambrusco Day

How long until World Lambrusco Day?
World Lambrusco Day .
Dates of World Lambrusco Day
2024 InternationalJun 21
International Fri, Jun 21Observances Holiday
2023 InternationalJun 21
International Wed, Jun 21Observances Holiday
2022 InternationalJun 21
International Tue, Jun 21Observances Holiday
2021 InternationalJun 21
International Mon, Jun 21Observances Holiday
2020 InternationalJun 20
International Sat, Jun 20Observances Holiday
Find out the dates, history and traditions of World Lambrusco Day.

World Lambrusco Day is observed on June 21st each year. Until 2021, it was observed on the Summer Solstice, which can be either June 20th, June 21st or rarely, June 22nd.

The observance began in 2011.

Lambrusco is always served chilled. Sweet and refreshing and ideal as an aperitif. Bubbly and ultra-refreshing, it's Italy's most exported wine. Made from the Lambrusco grape this unique style of wine is full of red cherry and strawberry flavours.

Some historians believe Lambrusco grapes were the very first to be turned into wine in Italy. The grape has a long winemaking history with archaeological evidence indicating that the Etruscans cultivated the wine. In Roman times, the Lambrusco grape was highly valued for its productivity and high yields.

Grown in the Emilia-Romagna region, it's a family of grapes. By the end of the 1960s, the drink had spread in popularity to nearly every corner of the country.

The Emilia-Romagna region is known for many varietals but is most famous for Lambrusco. There are a few official DOCs (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) in the provinces of Modena (where the wine is super popular among locals), Reggio Emilia, and Parma. Of some 60 Lambrusco grape varieties, 13 are native to this region of Italy. Those considered the best are all grown in DOCs in Emila-Romagna: Sorbara, Salamino, and Grasparossa.

True Lambrusco is red, frizzante, secco and min. 10.5% alc. Everything else is either a commercial or an industrial (4-9.5%) version of Lambrusco.

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