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Piano Day around the world in 2025
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About Piano Day

How long until Piano Day?
Piano Day .
Dates of Piano Day
2025 InternationalMar 27
International Thu, Mar 27Observances Holiday
2024 InternationalMar 28
International Thu, Mar 28Observances Holiday
2023 InternationalMar 29
International Wed, Mar 29Observances Holiday
2022 InternationalMar 29
International Tue, Mar 29Observances Holiday
2021 InternationalMar 29
International Mon, Mar 29Observances Holiday
Find out the dates, history and traditions of Piano Day.

Piano Day, an annual worldwide event founded by a group of likeminded people, takes place on the 88th day of the year – because of the number of keys on the instrument being celebrated.

German pianist and composer Nils Frahm initiated World Piano Day in 2015. The idea behind it was to celebrate the piano across the world by holding events, performances, masterclasses, lectures, etc.  

The aim of the day is to create a platform for piano related projects in order to promote the development of musical dimensions and to continue sharing the centuries-old joy of playing piano. Piano Day welcomes all kinds of piano lovers — young and old, amateur and professional, of any musical direction – to join in. It is intended to be the most joyful of all holidays!

Since it’s inception, World Piano Day has gained immense popularity, with participation from pianists, promotors, organizers, distributors, technicians, piano enthusiasts, and basically anyone associated with the instrument.

Key Facts for Piano Day

  • First modern piano was created in 1700 by Italian inventor Bartolomeo Cristofori.
  • There are 230 strings inside of ordinary modern piano.
  • One of the most expensive pianos ever sold was Victorian Steinway grand was valued at incredible $1.2 million.
  • Between 1700 and 1830, pianos were called by their original name – Pianoforte.
  • World’s most popular piano company Steinway opened its doors is 1853.
  • Piano is often called The King of Instruments.
  • Last note on the piano keyboard is a C. First note is A.
  • Grand pianos can sometimes weigh 700kg.
  • First piano patent was issued to H. Steinway in 1857.
  • Yamaha was first Japanese manufacturer of pianos. They started making them in 1887.
  • Between 1830 and 1840, two very popular piano designs were created – upright pianos and grand pianos.
  • First electric piano was made in 1947.
  • US currently hosts over 10 million pianos.
  • Almost all modern pianos have two or three pedals.
  • There are only two basic types of piano – Grand and Upright.
  • Strings of one grand piano are so strong that they can lift up 30 tons.
  • US piano manufacture was 25,000 pieces in 1869. It rose to 350,000 in 1910.
  • During 20th century, pianos received over 5000 brands. Today only around 50 are well respected.
  • World’s largest piano is called Challen Concert Grand, it is 11 feet long and weighs more than a ton.
  • National museum in Vienna, Austria is showcasing Studio Piano that was used by Beethoven.
  • Pianos have over 12,000 parts, with 10,000 of them moving.
  • Tuning of a piano is a very complicated process. A brand new piano is tuned four times during its first year after it was made. This is done because wood changes form until it becomes more rigid.
  • Older piano needs to be tuned twice per year.
  • Around 70% of piano is wood. Keys are plastic, and other materials that are used are paper, iron, copper steel felt and few others.
  • Pianos are stringed instruments, but officially they are placed in percussion section in a symphony orchestra.
  • Sounds of pianos are made when between one and three hammers hit a string.
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