National Presidential Joke Day

National Presidential Joke Day in USA in 2021
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

About National Presidential Joke Day

How long until National Presidential Joke Day?
This holiday next takes place in 288 days.
Dates of National Presidential Joke Day
2022 USA Thursday, August 11thNational Presidential Joke Day
2021 USA Wednesday, August 11thNational Presidential Joke Day
2020 USA Tuesday, August 11thNational Presidential Joke Day
2019 USA Sunday, August 11thNational Presidential Joke Day
This day remembers the infamous joke that President Reagan made when he thought a radio broadcast wasn't being recorded.

On this day in 1984, during a sound check for a radio broadcast, Ronald Reagan cracked the following joke:

Who knew the Gipper had such a dark sense of humor? He certainly didn’t know the mic was already recording, and the tape leaked. Since this little gaffe, August 11th has lived on as Presidential Joke Day.

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