National Fossil Day

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National Fossil Day in USA in 2022
Image by Aryok Mateus , from Pixabay. CC0

About National Fossil Day

How long until National Fossil Day?
National Fossil Day .
Dates of National Fossil Day
2024 USA Wednesday, October 16thNational Fossil Day
2023 USA Wednesday, October 11thNational Fossil Day
2022 USA Wednesday, October 12thNational Fossil Day
2021 USA Wednesday, October 13thNational Fossil Day
2020 USA Wednesday, October 14thNational Fossil Day
A celebration organized by the National Park Service to promote public awareness and stewardship of fossils.

The National Park Service and the American Geosciences Institute host the annual National Fossil Day celebration during Earth Science Week in October.

National Fossil Day is a celebration organized to promote public awareness and stewardship of fossils, as well as to foster a greater appreciation of their scientific and educational value.

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