National Cousins Day

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National Cousins Day in USA in 2024
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About National Cousins Day

How long until National Cousins Day?
National Cousins Day .
Dates of National Cousins Day
2025 USA Thursday, July 24thNational Cousins Day
2024 USA Wednesday, July 24thNational Cousins Day
2023 USA Monday, July 24thNational Cousins Day
2022 USA Sunday, July 24thNational Cousins Day
2021 USA Saturday, July 24thNational Cousins Day
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There are plenty of national days for different members of our families - such as mothers, grandparents and siblings. Statistically speaking, we probably have more cousins than any other type of family member, so why shouldn't we have a day to celebrate cousins?

What's the Average Number of Cousins?

The average number of cousins that someone has in America is difficult to determine as it depends on various factors such as family size, marriage patterns, and fertility rates.

On average, a person has two sets of cousins (once removed) on their parent's side and two sets of cousins on their grandparent's side. This number can vary widely, depending on the size and structure of a person's family. Some people may have many cousins, while others may have few or none.

It's also important to note that cultural and ethnic background can also play a role in determining the average number of cousins someone has, as family size and structure can vary widely across different communities.

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