National Bird-Feeding Month

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National Bird-Feeding Month in USA in 2023
Image: Black-crested Texas titmouse at a bird feeder. by Ross Bonander , from Unsplash. CC0

About National Bird-Feeding Month

How long until National Bird-Feeding Month?
National Bird-Feeding Month .
Dates of National Bird-Feeding Month
2023 USA Wednesday, February 1stNational Bird-Feeding Month
2022 USA Tuesday, February 1stNational Bird-Feeding Month
2021 USA Monday, February 1stNational Bird-Feeding Month
2020 USA Saturday, February 1stNational Bird-Feeding Month
2019 USA Friday, February 1stNational Bird-Feeding Month
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This national holiday started in 1994 to recognize February as one of the most difficult months in the United States for wild birds to survive.

This month, people are encouraged to put out food, water, and shelter to wild birds, especially in colder areas with a limited amount of natural resources like plants and food.

  • 😂 I've just been bird watching with Sinead O’Connor. So far it’s been seven owls and fifteen jays.

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