International Day of Cooperatives 

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International Day of Cooperatives   in United Nations in 2022
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About International Day of Cooperatives 

How long until International Day of Cooperatives  ?
International Day of Cooperatives  .
Dates of International Day of Cooperatives 
2023 United Nations Saturday, July 1stInternational Day of Cooperatives 
2022 United Nations Saturday, July 2ndInternational Day of Cooperatives 
2021 United Nations Saturday, July 3rdInternational Day of Cooperatives 
2020 United Nations Saturday, July 4thInternational Day of Cooperatives 
2019 United Nations Saturday, July 6thInternational Day of Cooperatives 
The co-operative model contains aspects of sustainable development at its core and is based on ethical values and principles.

The International Day of Cooperatives is an annual celebration of the cooperative movement that takes place on the first Saturday of July since 1923. Since 1995, the United Nations and the International Cooperative Alliance have been setting the theme for the celebration of #CoopsDay through the Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC), a multi-stakeholder partnership of global public and private institutions that champions and supports people-centred and self-sustaining cooperative enterprises as leaders in sustainable development. The International Cooperative Alliance is a founding member.

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