International Asteroid Day 

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International Asteroid Day  in United Nations in 2022
Image from NASA. CC0

About International Asteroid Day 

How long until International Asteroid Day ?
International Asteroid Day  .
Dates of International Asteroid Day 
2023 United Nations Friday, June 30thInternational Asteroid Day 
2022 United Nations Thursday, June 30thInternational Asteroid Day 
2021 United Nations Wednesday, June 30thInternational Asteroid Day 
2020 United Nations Tuesday, June 30thInternational Asteroid Day 
2019 United Nations Sunday, June 30thInternational Asteroid Day 
Asteroid Day observed to inspire, engage and educate the public about asteroids opportunities and risks.

Asteroid Day takes place on 30 June 2019 and is an international United Nations-recognised campaign to raise awareness of asteroids, their potential threat to our planet and the scientific secrets that can be unlocked by studying them.

  • Did you know? Worldwide, less than 50 people are actively looking for asteroids.
  • Did you know? In Greek, ‘asteroid’ oddly means ‘similar to a star’.
  • Did you know? An asteroid nearly hit Earth in 1993. It passed only 120 000 km (75 000 miles) away.
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