Record Store Day

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Record Store Day in United Kingdom in 2025
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About Record Store Day

How long until Record Store Day?
Record Store Day .
Dates of Record Store Day
2025 United Kingdom Saturday, April 19thRecord Store Day
2024 United Kingdom Saturday, April 20thRecord Store Day
2023 United Kingdom Saturday, April 22ndRecord Store Day
2022 United Kingdom Saturday, April 9thRecord Store Day
2021 United Kingdom Saturday, April 10thRecord Store Day
A day to promote the joys of vinyl and the independent shops around the UK that sell records.

Record Store Day is the one day of the year when over 200 independent record shops all across the UK come together to celebrate their unique culture. Special vinyl releases are made exclusively for the day and many shops and cities host artist performances and events to mark the occasion. Thousands more shops celebrate the day around the globe in what’s become one of the biggest annual events on the music calendar.

Although there’s only one Record Store Day a year, organisers work throughout the year to celebrate our independent record stores by spotlighting exclusive releases, events and special news.

How did Record Store Day begin?

Owners and employees of the independent stores came up with the idea at a gathering in 2007 as a way to draw attention to their unique culture on the third Saturday of April.

The first Record Store Day was on April 19, 2008, and cities around the U.S. later declared the celebration an official holiday, including New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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