No Smoking Day

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No Smoking Day in United Kingdom in 2023
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About No Smoking Day

How long until No Smoking Day?
No Smoking Day .
Dates of No Smoking Day
2024 United Kingdom Wednesday, March 13thNo Smoking Day
2023 United Kingdom Wednesday, March 8thNo Smoking Day
2022 United Kingdom Wednesday, March 9thNo Smoking Day
2021 United Kingdom Wednesday, March 10thNo Smoking Day
2020 United Kingdom Wednesday, March 11thNo Smoking Day
This health awareness day in the UK has been observed since 1984 and takes place on the second Wednesday in March.

No Smoking Day was first celebrated on Ash Wednesday 1984. It is an annual health awareness day that occurs the second Wednesday of March within the United Kingdom.

Smoking is the single greatest preventable cause of death in the world today. There are more than one billion smokers worldwide- and it kills up to half the people who smoke.

No matter how long you've smoked for, no matter how many cigarettes you smoke a day, your health will start to improve as soon as you quit.

Some health benefits are immediate, some are longer-term, but what matters is that it's never too late.

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