Great British Game Week

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Great British Game Week in United Kingdom in 2023

About Great British Game Week

How long until Great British Game Week?
Great British Game Week .
Dates of Great British Game Week
2024 United Kingdom Monday, November 4thGreat British Game Week
2023 United Kingdom Monday, November 6thGreat British Game Week
2022 United Kingdom Monday, November 7thGreat British Game Week
2021 United Kingdom Monday, November 22ndGreat British Game Week
2020 United Kingdom Monday, November 23rdGreat British Game Week
A time to celebrate all things game. The week provides a focus for lots of events, dinners and special offers.

British Game Assurance (BGA) has announced new dates for the annual #GreatBritishGameWeek celebration, 7th-13th November 2022, which is earlier than in previous years so any new converts can enjoy game throughout the rest of the season.

First observed in 2014, the week-long promotion is a celebration of enjoying wild game, promoted by BGA’s Eat Wild campaign in partnership with BASC’s Eat Game initiative.

BGA are asking people to save the date to not only get behind the celebration but to introduce new people to all that is great about local British game meat.

Great British Game Week will be a focus for events, dinners and special offers promoting game to consumers around the country. People will be encouraged to taste game for the first time and try new game products such as pies, sausages, burgers, and charcuterie.

Compared with classic supermarket meats, wild Game is astonishingly versatile; the flavour profiles of one type of bird are completely unlike another, giving you plenty of room to experiment in the kitchen or on the BBQ.

It’s also lean, high in protein and low in fat, making it a healthy switch for midweek meals.

Wild game has a lower carbon footprint than most mass-produced meats, and the industry is essential to the management and maintenance of countryside environments.

Louisa Clutterbuck, Head of Operations at British Game Assurance said “We are delighted to announce this years’ dates for Great British Game Week, a much needed boost for our community in these challenging times, and especially to be moving Game Week earlier this year so restaurants, pubs and consumers can take full advantage of the game season.”

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