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Cycle to Work Day in United Kingdom in 2024
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About Cycle to Work Day

How long until Cycle to Work Day?
Cycle to Work Day .
Dates of Cycle to Work Day
2025 United Kingdom Thursday, August 7thCycle to Work Day
2024 United Kingdom Thursday, August 1stCycle to Work Day
2023 United Kingdom Thursday, August 3rdCycle to Work Day
2022 United Kingdom Thursday, August 4thCycle to Work Day
2021 United Kingdom Thursday, August 5thCycle to Work Day
Encouraging workers all around the country to get on their bikes and get into work the best way possible – on two wheels!

What is Cycle to Work Day? 

It’s the UK’s biggest cycle commuting event of the year. It’s all about encouraging the great British workforce to ditch the car and instead try cycling to their place of work. 

It’s an event for everyone, from people who haven’t hopped on a bike since their school days to committed cycle commuters.

What’s matters is jumping on a bike, giving it a go and joining a community of cyclists sharing all that’s good about cycling to work.

It began in 2013.

When is Cycle to Work Day? 

Cycle to Work Day usually occurs in early August when it’s reasonable to expect the weather to be at least halfway decent. 

What are the benefits of cycling to work? 

  • Time saving: Cycling to work is 50% quicker than driving in rush hour.
  • Environmental: 133,442 tonnes of CO2 is saved each year by people cycling to work.
  • Health: Cycling to work for just three days a week burns 1,000 calories. The average person loses 14lbs in their first year of cycling to work.
  • Financial: The cost of cycling to work for a full year sits at around £396. Meanwhile, taking the bus costs £625 per year, skyrocketing to £3,727 to drive - that’s a hike of more than 800%.
  • Mental wellbeing: Research has shown that cycling to work reduces stress and anxiety, combats depression, increases self-esteem and even boosts productivity. 

All of these figures were sourced from & the Office for National Statistics. 

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