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Melon Day in Turkmenistan in 2022
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About Melon Day

How long until Melon Day?
Melon Day .
Dates of Melon Day
2023 Turkmenistan Saturday, August 12thMelon Day
2022 Turkmenistan Saturday, August 13thMelon Day
2021 Turkmenistan Saturday, August 14thMelon Day
2020 Turkmenistan Saturday, August 8thMelon Day
2019 Turkmenistan Saturday, August 10thMelon Day
Find out the dates, history and traditions of Melon Day

Melons are a big deal in Turkmenistan. Hundreds of varieties are grown there, and the people are very proud of them. So proud, in fact, that since 1994, the second Sunday in August has been observed as an official holiday in Turkmenistan.

The day is observed in recognition of the significance of melons in the country’s culture and history. A variety of fairs and market places entice visitors with displays of golden melons, enticing them to sample melons grown in different parts of Turkmenistan.

Musicians and dancers take to the streets, and the nation’s best melon growers are lavished with gifts.

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