National Childrens Day

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National Childrens Day in Thailand in 2024
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About National Childrens Day

How long until National Childrens Day?
National Childrens Day .
Dates of National Childrens Day
2024 Thailand Saturday, January 13thNational Childrens Day
2023 Thailand Saturday, January 14thNational Childrens Day
2022 Thailand Saturday, January 8thNational Childrens Day
2021 Thailand Saturday, January 9thNational Childrens Day
2020 Thailand Saturday, January 11thNational Childrens Day
This is the day when children are honored in Thailand.

Children’s Day, in Thai called Wan Dek, is celebrated throughout the country on the second Saturday of January every year. The national day, although not a public holiday, is celebrated to give children the opportunity to have fun and to create awareness about their significant role towards the development of the country. The day was set as a national day to be observed in 1955.

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