St. Knut's Day

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St. Knut's Day in Sweden in 2024

About St. Knut's Day

How long until St. Knut's Day?
St. Knut's Day .
Dates of St. Knut's Day
2025 Sweden Monday, January 13thSt. Knut's Day
2024 Sweden Saturday, January 13thSt. Knut's Day
2023 Sweden Friday, January 13thSt. Knut's Day
2022 Sweden Thursday, January 13thSt. Knut's Day
2021 Sweden Wednesday, January 13thSt. Knut's Day
The Christmas period in Sweden carries on until the “dancing out” of Christmas on “tjugondag Knut”.
Local name
Tjugondag Knut

 St. Knut's Day (Tjugondag Knut, or "The 20th Day of Knut") marks the end of the Christmas season in Sweden—with parties, song and the dismantling of the yule tree (which traditionally is thrown out the window - Julgransplundring).

Named for Knut (or Canute) IV, also Knut the Holy, former king and patron saint of Denmark.

Although St. Knut's feast day is January 19th, Sweden and Finland have conflated observances of Knut IV with that of his nephew and saint Knut Lavard (feast day is January 7th).

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