Sauvignon Blanc Day🥂

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Sauvignon Blanc Day around the world in 2023
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About Sauvignon Blanc Day

How long until Sauvignon Blanc Day?
Sauvignon Blanc Day .
Dates of Sauvignon Blanc Day
2024 Various May 6
New ZealandMon, May 6Observances Holiday
United KingdomMon, May 6Observances Holiday
2023 Various May 6
New ZealandSat, May 6Observances Holiday
United KingdomSat, May 6Observances Holiday
2022 Various May 6
New ZealandFri, May 6Observances Holiday
United KingdomFri, May 6Observances Holiday
2021 Various May 7
New ZealandFri, May 7Observances Holiday
United KingdomFri, May 7Observances Holiday
2020 Various May 1
New ZealandFri, May 1Observances Holiday
United KingdomFri, May 1Observances Holiday
Find out the dates, history and traditions of Sauvignon Blanc Day
Where is Sauvignon Blanc Day observed in 2023?

Today we raise a glass for International Sauvignon Blanc Day! Pour yourself a glass and kick off the weekend.

A popular and unmistakable white wine that’s loved for its “green” herbal flavors and racy acidity. Sauvignon Blanc grows nearly everywhere and thus, offers a variety of styles ranging from lean to bountiful.

Sauvignon Blanc is an easy wine with a relatively short history. The grape was first planted in France in the early 17th century. It was originally named Sémillion Blanc, which is a reference to the French town Sèméac. It was then renamed Sauvignon Blanc in the mid 1800s. The name Sauvignon Blanc comes from the French words for "willow" and "leaves of the vine." It is the only major grape that is used for white wine and it is grown in over 20 different countries.

Fun Facts About Sauvignon Blanc

  1. Sauvignon Blanc likely derived its moniker from the french word “Sauvage,” meaning wild, as the vines are reminiscent of wild grapevines.
  2. Surprisingly, Sauvignon Blanc is a parent (progenitor) of Cabernet Sauvignon (the other is Cabernet Franc)!
  3. The “green” aromatics in Sauvignon Blanc come from compounds called Methoxypyrazines. Cabernet Sauvignon also has these same flavors.
  4. Until the 1980s, most of the “Sauvignon Blanc” in Chile turned out to be rarer Sauvignon Vert (aka Sauvignonasse), mistakenly brought over from Bordeaux.
  5. A real tasting note for Sauvignon is “cat pee!” Caused by a unique chemical compound, “4MMP,” there aren’t many other scents like it!

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