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Kupala Night in Russia in 2024

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How long until Kupala Night?
Kupala Night .
Dates of Kupala Night
2025 Russia Sunday, July 6thKupala Night
2024 Russia Saturday, July 6thKupala Night
2023 Russia Thursday, July 6thKupala Night
2022 Russia Wednesday, July 6thKupala Night
2021 Russia Tuesday, July 6thKupala Night
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Kupala Night, also called Ivan Kupala Day, is a traditional Slavic holiday that was originally celebrated on the shortest night of the year. AS with St. John's Day, it is now celebrated on the night of June 23rd in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. In Eastern Slavic countries, such as  Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, it is observed according to the traditional Julian calendar on the night of July 6th. 

The name of the holiday comes from a pagan fertility rite later adapted into the Orthodox Christian calendar by connecting it with St. John's Day.

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