Dobruja Day

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Dobruja Day in Romania in 2024

About Dobruja Day

How long until Dobruja Day?
Dobruja Day .
Dates of Dobruja Day
2025 Romania Friday, November 14thDobruja Day
2024 Romania Thursday, November 14thDobruja Day
2023 Romania Tuesday, November 14thDobruja Day
2022 Romania Monday, November 14thDobruja Day
2021 Romania Sunday, November 14thDobruja Day
Anniversary of the incorporation of Northern Dobruja into the Kingdom of Romania

Dobruja Day (Ziua Dobrogei) is a national holiday of Romania celebrated on November 14th each year. The day commemorates the incorporation of the region of Northern Dobruja into Romania on November 14th 1878.

The holiday was proposed by 27 deputies and senators, who explained that the integration of Northern Dobruja together with the unification of the Romanian principalities under Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza marked "the beginning of the Great Union" and that they were a first step for "the recognition of Romania as a state by the European powers" and "the foundation of the modern Romanian state".

The proposal was adopted in 2013 by the Senate and in September 2015 by the Chamber of Deputies. Law No. 230/2015 on the establishment of the holiday was published publicly by the Monitorul Oficial on October 7th 2015. According to this law, local and central authorities, as well as public cultural institutions in the country and abroad, are allowed to organize scientific and cultural programs and events.

Authorities of the central and local public administration can aid materially and logistically the events organized on this day and the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company and the Romanian Television can transmit cultural programs and broadcasts about the Dobruja Day.

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