Martyrs' Day

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Martyrs' Day in Nepal in 2025
Image: Everest Base Camp, Nepal by truthseeker08 , from Pixabay. CC0

About Martyrs' Day

How long until Martyrs' Day?
Martyrs' Day .
Dates of Martyrs' Day
2025 Nepal Thursday, January 30thMartyrs' Day
2024 Nepal Tuesday, January 30thMartyrs' Day
2023 Nepal Monday, January 30thMartyrs' Day
2022 Nepal Sunday, January 30thMartyrs' Day
2021 Nepal Saturday, January 30thMartyrs' Day
This day is celebrated to honour the people who have lost their life while fighting for their country.

Martyr's Day, which is celebrated every year on January 30th, is being celebrated all over the country with various programs in memory of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the establishment and restoration of democracy and freedom. 

National Martyrs Day, commemorates those who were executed by the autocratic Rana rulers for voicing for people's rights and those who lost their lives in various movements launched for democracy and people's sovereignty.

Freedom fighters Shukra Raj Shastri, Dharma Bhakta Mathema, Dashrath Chand, and Gangalal Shrestha who were sentenced to death for their battle for people's rights are remembered and respected as the four leading martyrs in the country's political history. The four heroes of the country had established Nepal Prajaparishad, an organisation to motivate the people for fighting for their rights. Shukraraj was hanged from a tree near Pachali of Teku on Magh 10, 1997 BS.

Dharma Bhakta was hanged in Sifal on Magh 13 and Dashrath Chand and Gangalal were gunned down at Shobha Bhagawati on Magh 15 by the then autocratic Rana rulers. 

Various programs are held by announcing the celebration of Martyr's Week with various programs from January 24 to 30. Since 2012 BS, under the coordination of the then Kathmandu Municipality, the day in memory of the martyrs has been celebrated on January 30 every year. 

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