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Flag Day in Mexico in 2023

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Flag Day .
Dates of Flag Day
2024 Mexico Saturday, February 24thFlag Day
2023 Mexico Friday, February 24thFlag Day
2022 Mexico Thursday, February 24thFlag Day
2021 Mexico Wednesday, February 24thFlag Day
2020 Mexico Monday, February 24thFlag Day
Find out the dates, history and traditions of Flag Day in Mexico.

Día de la Bandera is a national holiday in Mexico. Flag Day has been celebrated every year on February 24th since its implementation in 1937. 

The National Flag of Mexico is one of the three national symbols established by law, along with the coat of arms and the national anthem.

According to Art. 11 of the Law of the National Shield, Flag and Anthem, in the buildings of the Authorities that, due to their characteristics, allow it, honors must be paid to the National Flag on a mandatory basis each year, on February 24th.

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