Spiritual Consent Day

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Spiritual Consent Day in Kazakhstan in 2024
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About Spiritual Consent Day

How long until Spiritual Consent Day?
Spiritual Consent Day .
Dates of Spiritual Consent Day
2025 Kazakhstan Saturday, October 18thSpiritual Consent Day
2024 Kazakhstan Friday, October 18thSpiritual Consent Day
2023 Kazakhstan Wednesday, October 18thSpiritual Consent Day
2022 Kazakhstan Tuesday, October 18thSpiritual Consent Day
2021 Kazakhstan Monday, October 18thSpiritual Consent Day
Find out the history and background to the Spiritual Consent Day observed in Kazakhstan.

This day unites the people around traditional moral values, promulgates the idea of tolerance and spiritual accord for the sake of peace and stability of Kazakhstan society.

On October 18th 1992 the 1st World Congress of Spiritual Consent under the patronage of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev took place in Almaty. Those attended called to declare October 18th the Day of Spiritual Consent, the day of suspension of conflicts and clashes, day for search for reconciliation, charity and help day.

Since that time Kazakhstan has been celebrating it as the national holiday. Over the subsequent years of independence, Kazakhstan has preserved its political stability, interethnic and interfaith accord.

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