Abai Day in Kazakhstan in 2021
Image: Stamp of the Soviet Union featuring Abai Kunanbaev, 1965 by Andrei Sdobnikov Public Domain

About Abai Day

How long until Abai Day?
Abai Day .
Dates of Abai Day
2023 Kazakhstan Thursday, August 10thAbai Day
2022 Kazakhstan Wednesday, August 10thAbai Day
2021 Kazakhstan Tuesday, August 10thAbai Day
2020 Kazakhstan Monday, August 10thAbai Day
Honours a famous Kazakh poet from the 19th century.

Abai Qunanbaiuly (August 10, 1845 – July 6, 1904) was a Kazakh poet, composer and philosopher. He was also a cultural reformer toward European and Russian cultures on the basis of enlightened Islam.

In a Facebook post, Aktoty Raimkulova, the culture minister of Kazakhstan celebrated the prominent poet and thinker's great heritage. "Abai’s heritage encompasses the spiritual wealth of the Kazakh people accumulated over centuries. His works are of relevance today and reflected in the social and cultural life of the country" the Facebook post said.

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