Maroon Festival

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Maroon Festival in Jamaica in 2025
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About Maroon Festival

How long until Maroon Festival?
Maroon Festival .
Dates of Maroon Festival
2025 Jamaica Monday, January 6thMaroon Festival
2024 Jamaica Saturday, January 6thMaroon Festival
2023 Jamaica Friday, January 6thMaroon Festival
2022 Jamaica Thursday, January 6thMaroon Festival
2021 Jamaica Wednesday, January 6thMaroon Festival
Commemorates the 18th-century Treaty of Cudjoe between fugitive slaves and the British.

While Jamaica was a Spanish colony, its native inhabitants (Arawaks) were exterminated. The Spanish then imported African slaves to work on their plantations. When the Spanish were driven out (1655), the black slaves fled to the mountains. The "Maroons" (fugitive slaves) were permitted to settle in the north of the island in 1738.

The Maroon Festival is a cultural celebration that commemorates over 200 years since the signing of the peace treaty between the Maroons and the British. The festival marks the victory of the First Maroon War against the British in which they fought for their freedom, led by their late hero Cudjoe.

The activities highlight the life of the heroic Maroons through singing, dancing, storytelling, cooking and more.

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