Aliyah Day

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Aliyah Day in Israel in 2024
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About Aliyah Day

How long until Aliyah Day?
Aliyah Day .
Dates of Aliyah Day
2025 Israel Wednesday, October 29thAliyah Day
2024 Israel Friday, November 8thAliyah Day
2023 Israel Sunday, October 22ndAliyah Day
2022 Israel Tuesday, November 1stAliyah Day
2021 Israel Wednesday, October 13thAliyah Day
A day to mark the contributions of immigrants to Israel.

Aliyah Day was added to the calendar after a grassroots group of Tel Aviv Olim decided that Israel should have a day dedicated to Israel’s “ingathering” of Jewish people.

“It all started when I was hanging out with friends and we said ‘this would be cool,’” said Jay Shultz, the president of the Am Yisrael Foundation.

“It’s a little surreal that it is actually being observed today, the fact that we had an idea that became a holiday on the calendar of the Jewish people.”

After coming up with the idea, Mr Shultz gathered crossparty support, the Knesset voted on it in 2016, and it is now becoming part of the annual routine in schools.

Celebrating Aliyah as a core value of the Jewish People and honoring the ongoing contributions of Olim to Israeli society. On the tenth of the Hebrew month of Nisan according to the Bible, Joshua led the Israelites carrying the Ark of the Covenant across the Jordan River at Gilgal into the Promised Land.

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