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National Sports Day in India in 2024
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About National Sports Day

How long until National Sports Day?
National Sports Day .
Dates of National Sports Day
2025 India Friday, August 29thNational Sports Day
2024 India Thursday, August 29thNational Sports Day
2023 India Tuesday, August 29thNational Sports Day
2022 India Monday, August 29thNational Sports Day
2021 India Sunday, August 29thNational Sports Day
In India this is a day to honour sports and athlete on the birthday of a famous Indian hockey player.

This day is celebrated in the memory of Indian Hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. On this day, Dhyan was born in Prayagraj in 1905. He was the captain of the Indian Hockey team. Major Dhyan Chand is the most celebrated Indian hockey player, who won gold medals for India in the Olympics 1928, 1932 and 1936.

National Sports Day in India is a day to celebrate all athletes and their achievements. It is a day to raise awareness about physical activity, sports, and overall health.

People in India will get together and celebrate National Sports Day on August 29th to laud the hard work and support of coaches towards the athletes on this day.

On this day people from different age groups take a part in sports like kabaddi, marathon, basketball, hockey etc.

Sports occupy an important place in the life of Indian people. It is not just a physical activity but also a means to relax and rejuvenate oneself.

There are various popular sports in India, ranging from cricket to kabaddi. Cricket is perhaps the most popular sport in India, with millions of people following the game religiously. Kabaddi is another sport that is hugely popular in India and is played across the country. Other popular sports in India include football, hockey, badminton, and tennis.

Sports play an important role in the overall development of a person. They help instill values such as discipline, teamwork, and dedication. They also help inculcate a healthy lifestyle and promote physical fitness.

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