National Technology Day

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National Technology Day in India in 2025
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About National Technology Day

How long until National Technology Day?
National Technology Day .
Dates of National Technology Day
2025 India Sunday, May 11thNational Technology Day
2024 India Saturday, May 11thNational Technology Day
2023 India Thursday, May 11thNational Technology Day
2022 India Wednesday, May 11thNational Technology Day
2021 India Tuesday, May 11thNational Technology Day
Every year National Technology Day highlights the importance of science in the daily lives of Indians.

National Technology Day is celebrated across India today to honour scientists and engineers. The beginnings of this national holiday, however, are less benign. May 11th is when the Indian Army conducted three nuclear tests at the Pokhran Test Range in Rajasthan in the year 1998. The code name was Operation Shakti. There were two more nuclear tests on May 13th.

What is National Technology Day?

This militarisation of the Indian subcontinent was further reinforced with the first National Technology Day being celebrated on May 11th 1999. Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee hailed the nuclear tests as India’s entry into the group of nations considered the nuclear elite. India became the sixth country to join the ‘nuclear club’.

Apart from the nuclear tests, National Technology Day also marks other historic moments in science and tech albeit militaristic. For one, May 11th was when the first indigenous aircraft Hansa-1 took flight over Bengaluru. Hansa-1 was built for pilot training, surveillance, and reconnaissance purposes. On this day the DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) also tested the surface-to-air Trishul missile, a short-range missile with a quick reaction time. Trishul has now been inducted into the Indian Army and Air Force as part of the country’s Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme.

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